October 9, 2012

Karma wasted NO time.....

Since my last declaration, about my involvement with Basketball, I have really stuck to not seeing him answering his phone calls or anything like that when it comes to him. So my birthday was at the first of the month and surprisingly I get a call from him. I was secretly pleased that he remembered but I kept the convo short and sweet. 

After that initial call I made sure to stay away from him because I knew what would soon follow......an invitation for a "session". I was doing really good too! I knew his birthday was 6 days after mine so I was anticipating a call from him; and sure enough the friday before his birthday he calls......
He asks if he can see me, you know since he hasn't seen me in a minute and because I don't answer any of his phone calls. I still don't know why I did this, but I obliged his request. We meet up in our "spot" and we talk for a minute. We make casual conversation, you know me asking about his baby and how work is going, him asking about my loveless life. After about 15-20min of talking he starts going through the motions of departing. He leans in to kiss me and I pull away. I tell him that this isn't right and that we said we weren't going down that route anymore. He then looks at me oh so pitiful and says that he's missed me and that a "session" would be his birthday gift. Just so you know, I did not fall for that whole birthday gift line. What I fell for was that TV chin grab right before a kiss move. (I don't know what it is....it's something about that move that makes me weak). But anyway, we start going at it and then I realize I. Taste. Cinnamon. ***Mind you I am HIGHLY allergic to cinnamon like major swelling, constricted airway type of allergic.*** I immediately tell him to stop and of course he questions what's wrong and I say:
"You're chewing cinnamon gum!"
Him: "Yeah? So?
Me: I'm Allergic...
HIm: Oh Shit! You gonna be okay?
Me: If I don't get to some Benadryl or Epi,, no.
Him: I'm sorry,, I'm sorry.....damn man!!! I'm sorry. Go handle that. Call me and let me know you're ok....

By the time I got hold to some Benadryl and into a bathroom, my mouth was looking like Professor Klump!!!!!! My shit was so big I was starting to not recognize myself!!!!!! That Bitch Karma wasted NO TIME letting my ass know what the deal was. That shit came back on me instantly. But then again, maybe that was a good thing. Maybe She went on ahead and got my ass so that things won't get fucked up with me and the possible new boo?!?!?!?!?

 I don't know but we will see....But damn karma got my ass good!

October 3, 2012

Online Success

So I have still been doing this online dating thing and I have FINALLY met someone with some potential. I will admit that when I first met him I really didn't like him all that much....I found him to be cocky and insensitive. But, I still wanted to try to get to know him before I stuck with that perception of him. After hanging out with him a couple of times and and many phone texts/conversations he turned out to be a pretty decent dude.

To be honest I've been really careful with him. I don't want to be in a "Sexy Mexi" situation with him, you know when I'm digging him so much that I'm oblivious to the fact that he doesn't give 2 damns about me... and the only time I'm at the top of his list is when he wants to sex it up. But, I will admit he has grown on me significantly I have to continuously remind myself to not let myself get too involved and don't really read into anything he says; simply put... don't put all you r faith in him and then look stupid all due to the fact that you read into every line that came out of his perfect mouth.

In recent conversations he has hinted towards wanting a girlfriend and in some of these hints he has been, to me, insinuating that it is me he is referring to. I will admit I do get a little excited, but I quickly get back to earth and back to reality. I'm gonna tread softly for a while when it comes to him and just kinda sit back and observe him and where his head is at......