June 20, 2013

Don't bring trouble to my door

I know I told you guys about the cutie I met at the bar the other night. Well that night I did unfortunately hook up with my neighbor (who's been lusting after me for years).... Anyway, let me just say that was truly a BAD idea!!!

So as I'm leaving the bar my phone goes off and it's..........Lame (cause he is rather lame). But anyway, he messages me thru facebook talking about how good I look and how he wants to sex it up,, well I had been drinking.....A LOT.....so I told him I was on my way home. When I pull up he's waiting for me, but before it could go down I had to piss like a race horse! But anyway, as I sat on the toilet and peed for what seemed like an eternity, I started to sober up or as my friends would say my conscience started to kick-in....

**side note** I can drink a lot but It doesn't matter how much I drink, when my conscience kicks in I automatically sober up. There have been times when I've had 20+ drinks and I walk out the club like all I had was water, because at some point my conscience is like "Aye bitch, you startin to get too loose...tighten that shit up" and I just snap out of it, I dunno what it is.... maybe I just have a moment of clarity BEFORE I do something regret??????? anywho, that's another post for another day......

But anyway, The flood gates are open and I'm thinking "why in THE HELL did I answer his message???? To be honest I really didn't even want to have sex,, let alone with him. But bless his heart, he was trying to be all sexy and seductive and it was just NOT working for him. Long story short he ended up just giving me head, cause I was half-way honest and told him that I really didn't want to have sex. I will give Lame some credit,, he does have major skills but not enough for me to want seconds that was a one night thing... So after he finishes his late night snack and we part ways he goes back to facebook trying to discuss it.... I brush it off and take my ass to bed.

The next morning,, AT THE CRACK!!!! *even before my daughter woke up* my phones text alert goes off! It's Lame talking about don't answer any messages from him on facebook because his account got hacked...... Awww shit!!! Now I have been living drama free for a while,, the hoopla had finally ceased after decent died <- That's another post in itself,, all the drama  I went thru about my baby after Decent died....But anyway, I get Facebook AND text messages from some busted ass chick talking about Lame is her man and I better leave him alone and I was just a one night stand. I wanted so badly to tell her "Bitch I don't want yo lame ass nigga, you can have him! Hell he was my one night stand and all he did was give me head!!!!!" But I didn't I just brushed it all off and simply replied with "ok". I guess that wasn't good enough cause the bitch came back in my inbox and my text messages saying she was gonna block me from his page and delete my number out his phone because we didn't need to have any type of contact.....In my head I'm like you stupid hoe!!!!! Your LAME ASS NIGGA lives across the street from me!!!!! Unless you move the great wall of China into my neighborhood and put it in between our houses the nigga is still gonna see me!!!!

Once again I brushed off her ignorance and simply said "ok", then another text came thru basically saying the same shit.. At what point in life do females stop the whole "check this bitch" mentality and start checkin these dudes and since when did female feel they have to check bitches over a lame ass dude????? I just don't get it....

I just recently just found out Lame is trying to be a pastor!!!! A fluckin PASTOR!!!!!! He's been preaching at his Daddy's church these past few months and is now trying to get ordained,, but just the other day I got a text from him saying he wants to.....eat the box again.....Ummmm NO I'll pass on that. If the Lord smites me, I'd rather it be over something else and not along the lines of doing the ungodly with a supposed Godly man. So I've really been ignoring him.

My daughter and I were invited to his nieces birthday party this weekend, so I wonder how this will go on many different levels.....cross your fingers that things go off without a hitch!

June 4, 2013

yes.....I'm sill alive

So much has been going on I've barely had time to breathe. I need some ventilation but while my fingers are typing one thing my brain has moved onto the next thing. It feels like if I don't take out some "me" time I am TOTALLY gonna have a mental breakdown. I just want something to go right for me just once. You know? I mean I know that I'm no saint but can I get some type of positive action my way? it seems like my life just sucks more and more. But any way, just letting those who care that I'm still alive and I haven't forgotten about blogging.

I have so many things I want to tell you in my drafts I don't even know where to start,, every time I start writing out one thing more shit happens. There's been shit going down with my sister, my parents, Basketball (yeah he's still around), my job, school, this creep that lives across the street from me, and the list goes on and on. I'm gonna get back on my game though because I really do need to vent.

Well I need to put this computer down and either study or take my ass to bed, more than likely I'm gonna sit up and watch "Zane's Jump Off" , flip thru the channels and then take my ass to bed.