June 20, 2012

More of Sexy Mexi

I know I have been gone for a while....school has been totally kicking my ass,, I'm starting to think I got in waaaaay over my head. But, I'll get in to that in another post...

 So let me fill you in on the various goings on in my life:
(this post will mainly be about Sexy Mexi,, there is some more stuff that need to talk about, but I'll put that in another post,, just a little hint: it's about this guy I met online o_O)
Well I, at one point, completely wrote off Sexy Mexi; I saw him a couple of weeks ago and all he wanted to talk about was sex...I know I know...I'm sexually deprived. But, I feel like since I'm the one not getting it on the regular I should be the one to initiate the sex talk... But anyway, after that night I just upped and stopped calling and texting. A few weeks went by and he just popped up in my head this past Friday night, so I texted him and asked him if he was getting out. He said he was already out so I told him if he felt like it to swing by the club I was going to be at. We ended up meeting up... He complimented me on my outfit ( I was looking hella sexy too) and then he moved into serious talk.

Sexy Mexi: do you think I avoid you?

Me: at one point I thought that,, then I just stopped caring. You didn't matter to me anymore.

Sexy Mexi: Damn, it's like that???

Me: pretty much,, why should I care? You weren't trying to spend anytime to get to know me for real so I just left you were you were.

Sexy Mexi: I've just been really busy, I'm working 4 jobs (inclucing the military as a job). I am feeling you, I just have alot going on... I'm trying to buy me another house.

Me: I understand you are busy, but I don't ask for much. When it comes to spending time,, I will take alittle time over nothing at all and you acted like you couldn't give me that so I was like 'whatever'...

After that conversation I proceeded to sashay my way to the club. He offered to walk me to the door, but I declined. He then insisted that I had a boyfriend ( I wish)....

 I didn't really know what to make of this interaction with him. Don't get me wrong, it felt good to see him and we have good conversation when we talk. But, this insinuation of a boyfriend is just new to me. I'm confused because I can't read him. He says he feeling me and wants to get to know me better but his actions show the latter.

Okay now, let's fast forward later on into the night. At about 1am I get a text from him asking if I was still at the club. I replied yes but I was about to get ready to go the  girls that I went out with are not the kind I want to party with,, I'd rather go get drinks and eat with them,, so needless to say i was rather bored hanging out with them *sigh*. He asks me to call him when I leave because he really wanted to see me again before I headed home.

I meet up with him and he immediately jumps to that boyfriend shit
Sexy Mexi: Did you and your man have fun,, where did you tell him you were going when you left?

Me: if I had a man, I wouldn't have left him to sit around and talk to you. I would still be with him at the club or somewhere fucking him...

Sexy Mexi: Damn, what is up with you??? You have changed since we met.

Me: nothing is up with me, being honest. When it came to you, I used to be an optimist,, now I'm a realist :o/

He then proceeded to apologize for his neglect on my part and made little comments like: the only way we are going to see more of each other is if you're sleeping in my bed or I'm sleeping yours.... I didn't respond I just gave him a look. 

I really don't know to process Sexy Mexi and the conversation we had that night. I mean, I really enjoyed his company and we talked til almost 4am and as of late he's either called or texted since that night. 

I just wish I knew where he was in life as far as dating and relationships go. I'm exploring my other options as far as dating around goes, I just want to know is it worth it to keep interacting with him...hoping he makes up his mind when it comes to me or just let him go completely regardless of how he feels about me....

Oh I forgot to mention,, we DID have sex that night,, BUT I initiated it and it was great!