October 19, 2013


I know I have been gone for a minute and so much has happened to me and my unfortunate pathetic little life.  I will say this though I've had alot (good and bad) going on... But any way let's get you guys caught up...........

SOOOOOOOOO the tension between me and my sister has finally boiled over,, and it resulted in not just a very heated argument, but an actual ghetto rachet fist fight........ and it all went down in front of my 2yr old!( well now she's 3, damn I let too much time pass, sorry y'all)
 The day started off regular, even good (dare I say) but as the day progressed and my sister and I grew tired of each others presence the attitudes began to wake from their slumber and slowly but surely make their way to the surface.  She came to the house with her little boyfriend which I will call Slave (cause that's how she treats him,, like a fuckin slave. But anyway....) We are all just chumming it up and talking my daughter is having the time of her little life cause all is hunky doory in the land of Oz. But then my sister began to make little snide comments on the sly about me and my short-comings.

*let me give you alittle background on me.. you see, I do not possess a good cleaning gene. Don't get me wrong I can clean up and keep things clean, but I don't have a little maid in me that has to clean ALL the time. Now my sister on the other hand she is a Molly Maid to the core, she will clean all day long and not see any problem with it.*

So she starts talking about how I don't clean like she does and that's the reason why I'm single and can't go out like I want to; and all this other bullshit. Now me being the person that I am, I'm really not giving her the reaction that she wants so she decides to just flat out dog me out.

My "sister" proceeds to basically call me a bad mother and says shit like "you don't have anybody" "you need me...I don't need you"....  Now deep down she's really hurting my feelings but I still don't say anything, which is bothering her even more. As I continue to just look at her as she dogs me out.... she jumps at me like she's gonna slap me or some shit. So I say "Oh! Since you're not getting to me, you gonna hit me?" That sends her off the edge and she reaches in and slaps me!!!!!!! I instantly BLACK OUT and just start throwing punches. I say we fought for a good 5 mins before my mom and Slave were able to pull us apart. But once I snap back into reality I hear my baby calling me.

I was so ashamed of myself and even more pissed at my sister because this all went down in front of my sweet baby girl. Once I calm myself down and try to get to my daughter I hear my sister say something along the lines of "I heard my knee cap crunch." Long story short with that she fractured her knee and ended up requiring surgery and getting 6 screws in her knee.

Now do I regret fighting like that with my sister???.......... Sorta. That fight between us was years of pent up tension that finally got released. I regret things happening in front of my baby though. I wish I could've shown more restraint for her sake.....