April 9, 2015

Let's Have a Threesome!

OK so... the guy I've been talking to asked me about a threesome. Well he told me he wanted to have one. Initially I was like "No". Simply because I'm trying to pursue a relationship with you and I feel like if I allow something like that to happen then he'll think it's okay to solicit other girls whether he's in the mood for some three-way action or he just may want a one-on-one session with the chick we had the three way with thinking it would be okay since I had sex with her too.

But then again I thought about it. Maybe a threesome is what I needed to start distancing myself from him. I know for a fact that if we did have one I would totally look at him in a different light and fall back super hard on him. So I told him I changed my mind.... if that's what he wanted then let's do it. He asked had I ever had one before and I told him "yes; As a matter of fact the couple that I had one with wants to have another when they come back to this side of town for a visit". He didn't like the sound of that he quickly said that the only three way that went down is the one that included him and that the only way I could get with the couple is if the 3-way changed to a 4-way. He then asks if we did have a threesome how it would affect me and him. I was honest and told him there would be no "us",, I would fall back and just let this distance grow until we eventually stopped talking.

I just feel like any guy that has a threesome is not into either girl. They are just getting their rocks off until the right one comes along and personally I don't want to be romantically involved with someone I had a three-some with. If I have one with you ,, we don't have anything else in common,, we won't go out for drinks,, we will barely talk. That's just where I stand on that and I told him. I told him that my feelings toward him would end that day and he wouldn't have to worry with dealing with me on a romantic level. He then says that he doesn't want a threesome anymore because in his exact words.... "I don't mess up what I have going with you,, I don't wanna lose you over something like that". Ugh what do I do?!?!?!?!? Do I keep things going with him or do I cut them off. I have feelings for him and I do love him,, but his indecisiveness is just taking it's toll.

I really don't know what I wanna do. I don't wanna lose him but I don't want to keep up with this back and forth that we have going. It's like do I hold on and see where things go or do I have this threesome which would be the chainsaw that cuts our ties for good???????? His Ideology about threesomes is the total opposite though. He doesn't think the "main chick" is someone he can't or doesn't want to be with ....that position is for the extra chick. He feels like that's something that can be done once every blue moon with the girl he's dating just add some excitement here and there. I just don't agree with that.

I will admit a part of me does want to do it. Then the other part of me doesn't because I honestly don't want to see him having sex with another chick and he still expect us to be building a relationship together.

 Ugh!!! I know it sounds really stupid,, but this is my reality...... This is the type of shit that I deal with....