December 17, 2012

How The Hell Are Ya?????

It seems like since I've been out of a J-O-B, a lot has been happening, well not really a lot just enough to keep my mind off being jobless. But anyway, here's the latest in my jobless little life:

Rush- So........ Rush and I have been sexing it up a lot lately and it is good sex. I must admit though, he is growing on me more and more. He's a really cool guy with a good sense of humor; the only thing I don't really care much for is the fact that he talks about females he's been with.......A LOT!!!!! It gets really annoying not to mention I know a few of the girls he talks about. But I don't say anything because at the end of the day I just want to have sex and go on about my business.

School- Well I passed 3 of my 4 classes this semester (I don't know about the 4th class yet because my teacher is slow as Christmas). But I think I did ok in the class...we'll see.

Job Search- Well, I've been searching for a job for a month now. I'm happy to say a lot of people from my old job are really rallying behind me and trying to help me find something else. I'm just filling out apps and praying that somethings through. But I feel like I really won't be hearing anything until after Christmas... Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Sexy Mexi- he's getting deployed next month..... *yawn*

The "Online Success" Guy- He is NO MORE,, he told me he was talking to somebody so I fell back and then he has the nerve to text me asking about some head.... Hmmmmpf

New Guy- The other day I did meet a really cute and nice guy. He's a friend of my cousin... But, don't worry I'm not getting too excited about him cause he lives in another state. But we'll see.....

My Mom- Things still aren't good between fact they're worse! We've gotten into several nuclear arguments,, one of which took place in front of my daughter (my mom even tried to get physical. Luckily my dad was there to break it up, because if she had've hit me....especially in front on my would've went down. I mean I know that's my momma but I'm also a grown woman and I WILL NOT be disrespected for no reason).

Random- I got a new phone :)

Well that's all I can think of right now..... I'll be back soon!!!!