September 25, 2014

Sex, Lies, and STD's

Bare with me cause I'm doing this from my phone .....

Things got really interesting when I honestly made the decision to leave basketball alone..... I'm on a road trip headed out to see my new boo and I get a phone call; it's none other than basketball asking me where I was cause he really wanted to see me and to talk. I told him I was out of town and he proceeded to pry for information.

Him: oh you with your family?
Me: no
Him: you going to visit family?
Me: NO
Him: Oh. You must be going to see a nigga then....
Me: Why does who I'm going to matter? That should be the least of your worries...
Him: Shiiiiitttt why you gotta attitude. I was trying to tell you some good news
Me: What's the "good" news?
Him: We can be together for real now.......I got a divorce!

Now Basketball and I hadn't talked in over 6months,, so did he really think I was sitting around waiting on him to call and tell me that and I was going to jump for joy and run straight into his arms??????? Sadly,, I think he did.

Of course I asked "what happened" and here's what he said: "maaan I caught her cheating on me!" **of course my face was like o_O** "she caught something and tried to put it off on me,, but when I went to get tested I came out clean,, not too mention we hadn't had sex in over 3months. So I just flat out asked her  what she had been doing and she broke down and told me that she had been sleeping with some dude...." I was in total shock and I was thanking the Lord above that I had stopped fooling with him when I did.... I mean think about it....If his wife was screwing this random nigga,, who was sleeping with whoever he wanted and not using anything with them or her,, she go home and screw Basketball and then he gets the green light to come screw me... we ALL would've been fucked up!!!!!!!!! 

But I did have to tell him he couldn't be too mad because he was soing the same thing to her before he met me and when he met me,, he just didn't get caught. He then went on this big spill about how he didn't have any respect for her because she a hoe now and all this other bull.....his ego was just severely bruised. After getting that story I just told him that I had moved on and I wasn't trying to go back down that route with him. Plus,, Basketball ain't got shit going for himself......just got a cell phone,, no car,, no place to stay for real. He just wasn't trying to move ahead in life. It's like he's perfectly content with being a bum and i just don't have time for that. 

He did seem a bit salty when I told I had moved on and I really was feeling this new guy. He just kept pushing "when you get back in town come see me,, I really just want to be with you." I just said okay and proceeded to see my new boo ( I gotta tell yall about that!!!!!! ooooh weeee!!!!) 

Needless to say He didn't even give me a chance to call when I got home,, he was blowing up my phone pretty much the whole day. I never went to see him tho. I think by now he's gotten the picture because I haven't heard from him. But, that doesn't mean he won't pop up out the blue again and try to "seduce me again....Ha!! Seduce me.....that's funny.

September 11, 2014

Well, well, well....looky looky!

Man oh man I have been gone a minute huh? So much has happened to me I don't even know where to begin.....

 In a nutshell,, I met someone,, I'm finally over Basketball,, Trouble and I still kinda hang out......well I wouldn't say "hang out" we still bang from time to time. But, not as much as before. Basketball got a divorce. My sister is getting married! I think I kinda want to have sex with one of my co-workers. I had a threesome......Ummmmmm wow there are so many things I need to get out !!!!! Ugh!!!! why have i stayed away so long??????

Anyway, I had to go back thru my posts just to see where I left off at.... and let me just say shit got real REAL fast. So the last thing I talked about was almost getting Pregnant by Basketball. Well after that I just slowly started distancing myself from him. To filter out my time I started to get close with a friend of my cousin,, but in the end he rebuffed my affection so I was back to square one.....alone with literally no one to talk to. My best friend was all boo'd up so she was M.I.A. for sure and I was just......niggaless. 

I met a few "2 pump Johnny's" but no one really had any substance so conversation didn't last long. After being fired **yeah I got fired from my last job,, not sure if I told ya'll or not** I found another job; so I got a clean slate as far sleeping with my co-workers. But that slate didn't stay clean for long. I met a construction worker and he and I got a little too flirty.....let's just say we got caught making out in the bathroom **shrugs** I talked to him for a little while after that incident but all he wanted was sex and I just wasn't down for that,, plus he was living with his baby momma.

Over time at my job me and one co-worker in particular have gotten extremely close... we can talk to each other about anything... we text every single day. I'm not attracted to him in any way but I am curious about "what that mouth do".

Moving along,, after my fling with the construction dude I was back niggaless,, so reluctantly I went back to online dating.....that's where I met the couple I ended up having threesome with. I'll say it was ok,, I don't get what the hype is about it. Nevertheless it was something to do. fortunately it didn't last long.... the guy really started to bug the hell out of me and wanted me to come over when his girl wasn't there. I wasn't falling for that trap tho. I quickly shut that down but I got even luckier with that whole situation... they ended up moving out of state. I still here from the dude every now then asking me to come visit. 

So now I'm back to square one again and I'm lonely as hell!!!!! What happens to  make me even more lonely??????????? My freaking sister gets engaged!!!!!!! SO NOW I'm the single sister,, not just "the one that has the baby". Don't get me wrong...... I'm happy for her and all but now I just feel even more pathetic. I was the one between the two of us that always had a man or was always talking to somebody and she was the single one,, now the roles have been reversed and quite frankly I don't like it...