April 21, 2014

Nigga, you owe me $43.56!!!

The "morning after pill" is my first and last purchase when it comes to that caught up in the moment talk during sex.

 I am serious when I say I am done fooling around with Basketball (even though he gives good head).......

The above is the last thing I wrote about 6-7months ago, and folks I can honestly say I left Basketball after that. The night We had that "baby scare" was the last time I allowed myself to be in contact with him.
The last time I heard anything about him I heard him and his wife got a divorce,  he has no car, and no cell phone..... so in a nutshell this nigga is doing bad.

I won't say my life has been on the up and up since our last encounter, but there have been a series of events. Both fortunate and unfortunate..... I will return more often to catch you guys back up.